My Administrative Law Syllabus (Strauss Casebook)

There’s a discussion about whether law professors should share their syllabi.

The answer is yes.

Here is my Administrative Law syllabus for summer 2020:



Gellhorn and Byse’s Administrative Law, Cases and Comments, eds. Peter Strauss, Todd Rakoff, Gillian E. Metzger, David Barron, Anne Joseph O’Connell (12th edition).

The Library has copies available on reserve and it is available for purchase at the Fordham Bookstore. I will use TWEN, Westlaw’s course management service, to distribute supplemental materials and class-related announcements. Please register for the course on TWEN (

Week 1 (May 19, 21): Introduction

The introductory Tarmac problem, 3-31. Intro readings, 31-49.

Whitman v. American Trucking and Gundy v. United States (2019) are the two main cases. 790-830, Casebook supplement posted on TWEN, pages 35-46.

Boreali and Statewide Coalition v. NYC DHMH, 23 N.Y.3d 681 (2014)

3) Tuesday, May 26:
Chapter 3: Procedural Framework for Administrative Action
APA 1464-78
Londoner 218
Bi-Metallic 222
Chenery 249

4) Thursday, May 28:
Chapter 4: Rule-Making
Vermont Yankee 295
Veterans Justice 313
Nova Scotia 322

5) Tuesday, June 2
Notice-and-Comment continued:
U.S. v. Dean, 344-48
Texas v. U.S. 357-65

6) Thursday, June 4

GE v. EPA, Center for Auto Safety 365-71
Note on ACA, supplement, p. 11-14
DACA and Kisor notes in supplement, p. 15-18

Rulemaking procedures, continued, 396-409
EO 12866, EO 13771, 409-43

Ex Parte contacts: HBO v. FCC, 444-448
Open-minded decisionmaker? C & W Fish, 455-57

7) Tuesday, June 9

Adjudication I
FTC v. Cement Institute, 464-69
Notes 470-77
Formal Adjudication 478-80
Citizens Awareness Network, 480-87
Lucia v. SEC, Supplement 23-24

Adjudication II: Informal adjudication:
Dominion Energy, 528-33
Pension Benefit 533-37
Olivares, 538-44

Due Process: Matthews 563-80

8) Thursday, June 11
Adjudication III: Applications
No-Fly List, 596-14

Transparency, 653-661
War on Terror, Leaks 669-71
FOIA, 672-82
Milner v. Dept of Navy, 683-93
Fox News v. Treasury, 698-716

9) Tuesday, June 16

The Structural Constitution: 775-90
Chadha, 831
Bowsher, 860
Youngstown, 871
Appointment and removal, Free Enterprise and selections from 882-1004
PHH v. CFPB, Supplement 46-47

Seila Law v. CFPB (June 2020)

Shugerman, “The Imaginary Unitary Executive,” Lawfare Blog.

10) Thursday, June 18

Judicial Review I:
Review APA, the 700s
Shaws’s 1037-40
Universal Camera, 1049-57
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Ass’n v. State Farm, 1069-80

DHS v. Regents (DACA Cases, June 2020)

11) Tuesday, June 23:
Judicial Review II

State Farm notes, 1085-87
FCC v. Fox, 1100-14
Skidmore, 1125-28
Chevron, 1129-36
Chevron notes, 1136-71

12) Thursday, June 25:
Judicial Review III
MCI v. AT&T and notes, 1171-1202
Solid Waste, 1203-1215
Preemption, 1215-21
Mead, 1221-35 [and Auer notes to 1235-53]
Kisor, supplement at 90-96
Massachusetts v. EPA 1253-68
City of Arlington, 1279-97

13) Tuesday, July 7:
Justiciability and Standing
Lujan, 1300-09
Akins, 1317-21
Qui Tam, 1323-24
Allen v. Wright and notes, 1340-59
Emoluments, 98-99
Blumenthal v. Trump, DC Circuit per curiam Feb. 2020

14) Thursday, July 9: Paper Presentations

Standing, Cont.
Bowen, 1386-98
Webster v. Doe, 1399-1405
Finality, 1418-21
Ripeness, 1424-26
Remedies, 1430-43

15) Tuesday, July 14: Presentations

Major wrap-up cases:
Trump v. Hawaii (2018), Supplement, 96, 102. Read case
Department of Commerce v. NY (Census Case 2019), Supplement at 68

(If time permit, King v. Burwell, Little Sisters, Preemption/Wyeth v. Levine)

Author: Jed Shugerman

Legal historian at Fordham Law School, teaching Torts, Administrative Law, and Constitutional History. JD/PhD in History, Yale. Red Sox and Celtics fan, youth soccer coach. Author of "The People's Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America" (2012) on the rise of judicial elections in America. I filed an amicus brief in the Emoluments litigation against Trump along with a great team of historians. I'm working on "The Rise of the Prosecutor Politicians," a history of prosecutors and political ambition (a cause of mass incarceration), and "The Imaginary Unitary Executive," on the myths and history of presidential power in America.

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